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Despite being a high speed weapon, the Minigun is arguably the second best weapon for high ping players because Minigun particles spread randomly over distance, yielding a wide hit pattern.

Unlike the Dualstrike, which is pin-point accurate, the Minigun's high damage can be leveraged by short bursts of fire as an opponent passes under the reticle. Timing the firing according to your lag and the travel of your target.

Does the Minigun make my ass look big?

It has a tendency to push your aim up with its recoil. Aim or push down (very) slightly to correct. It only takes half a second of continuous Minigun fire to dispatch an agent. The damage over time will finish a player off after just a second or so. At close range the Minigun is very powerful, almost making kills much faster than you think it should!

The secondary effect of scanning Minigun particles is to explode, causing a strong pushing effect. Triggering it will knock oppponents around quite violently, taking their aim off you, but also making it harder to re-aim at them for another shot. Triggering the push effect also stops the damage-over-time component of the particles, so, unless you intentionally want to deflect incoming fire, and prevent you opponent from aiming at you, is better to let the minigun particles do their thing.

However, if you are fighting in a tunnel, at a corner, or round a curve, and you miss your target with a short burst, then you should defeinitely scan the residue, as any push effect will tend to push your opponent back, and give you a moment to relax, and recharge.

It is very easy to run the minigun down to zero cycles, and then firing stops. There is a delay between the start of recharging and when you can fire again, which severely punishes you for overdoing it! The temptation is to put a lot of damage on someone with constant fire, but it's unlikely you are able to maintain accurate aim on a moving opponent for the period of time required to make a one-burst kill. Once you're out of cycles, you're at least 5 seconds away from full, and that's without making any scans.

You can wring 3 seconds of continuous fire from the Minigun before it drains. But unless you are directly on target, thatís a waste of cycles, and lethality. Fire using small bursts ONLY, waving the reticle over your target as you fire. You should not need to account for ping: See the NETCODE page. Using these short bursts ensures that during each pause between bursts, while you reacquire your aim, cycles have recharged to full. You don't need to stop the target inside the reticle; simply move it over your target, while co-ordinating your bursts.

The Minigun's lethality is such that even a small number of particles, repeatedly applied over a 10 to 15 second period is enough to take out an Agent.

When you lay some particles on a player, their agent will display for you a lovely shower of sparks, to show damage is still mounting up. If you are the recipient of the particles, then you will see the yellow sparks moving around outside your Agent, as well as your health dropping.

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